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ROOT BOOST the anti-hair loss shampoo

Why do hair fall?

The life cycle of the hair involves the alternation of three phases, one of growth, one of rest and one of fall. The average duration of this cycle varies from 2 to 7 years. The number of hairs fallen during the day varies and depends on several factors such as:

  • sex
  • season
  • health conditions
  • washing and brushing
  • hair density
  • genetics

For information purposes only and without this data representing a rule, the fall of more than 100 hairs a day lasted for some weeks is an indication of suffering of the hair and it is therefore advised to consult a specialized doctor to evaluate and solve the problem.

Prevention plays a very important role to block the fall and restore the weakened hair follicle, while in genetically predisposed subjects, it can significantly slow down the process.

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Different solutions can be adopted to counteract the fall, but without doubt the first thing to do is to use a professional shampoo that contains substances suitable to solve or block the problem.

ROOT BOOST is an anti-hair loss shampoo produced by CODE ZERO hair products, enriched with vitamins and amino acids complex to bring nutrients to the hair follicle.

Vitamins and amino acids are ingredients present in ROOT BOOST 1500 and ROOT BOOST 300, but there are also other important substances such:

as METHYLYSOTHIAZOLINONE very active against bacteria and has an excellent fingicidal ability.

as METHYL GLUCETH-20 is a moisturizing substance of plant origin and is derived from grape and corn sugar. It has strong moisturizing properties, wetting agents, dispersants of essential oils and pigments, also reduces viscosity of tensiolites, sebum normalizing (due to its ability to dilate pores and follicles) is a delicate and safe ingredient.

as HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN is a wheat protein able to penetrate the scalp, providing the right water balance to the skin and providing strength and volume to the hair.


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