XSENCE N°1 – 600 ML

It reinforces and creates new keratin bonds to protect the internal structure of the hair.

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ECOVEXX  is an advanced professional hair system that protects and rebuilds hair during any other type of chemical hair treatment : hair coloring, bleaching, straightening and permanent. An innovative complex composed of naturally derived powerful active ingredients that act in synergy to prevent damage to hair.


10 specifically selected amino acids and active ingredients, including pomegranate seed oil, yeast extract and blueberry extract, directed deep into the hair cortex thanks to Niosoma, a revolutionary delivery system.

The blend of amino acids contained in Xsence N°1 guarantees correct rebuilding and fusing of the bonds between the keratin fibers in the hair, which may have been damaged by chemical processing, since keratin is a protein and therefore constituted by a sequence of amino acids.

The combined action of these precious elements act inside of the hair, resulting in strong, elastic, hydrated hair resistant to further breakage.


    • Powerful antioxidant and hydration with anti-ageing benefits. It contains a high concentration of punicic acid, a fatty acid known for its elevated antioxidant and hydrating properties. Rich in lipids and essential nutrients, it leaves hair soft, elastic and hydrated.
    • Containing vitamins, proteins and amino acids, the main components of NMF (Natural Moisture Factors), fundamental for enriching, re-densifying and rebuilding the hair fiber.
    • Provides a hydrating and antioxidant action.

ECOVEXX is Made in Switzerland

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Solution to mix with the chemical blend of the pre-selected chemical hair treatment.

It reinforces and creates new keratin bonds to protect the internal structure of the hair.

It re-densifies and rebuilds hair fiber, giving it new strength and elasticity.

It does not interfere with DEVELOPMENT TIMES, METHODS OF USE and the RESULTS obtained from the chemical hair treatment products being used.

  • Content: 600 ml
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