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Gorreana is a partner for our customers

Gorreana Tea

Gorreana 100% Tea

Welcome to Gorreana …

… The oldest, and currently only, tea plantation in Europe. We cultivate this wonderful product that is tea since 1883, keeping, since then, the original traditions of the Orient as well as the ancient qualities that have been in our family for five generations.

We all know how important it is to know how to welcome the customer in our salon. A relaxed and comfortable customer is a happy customer to be our customer.

Why does a customer choose to come back to us and not go elsewhere?

Many of you have already asked this question, but many not yet. Without a doubt first and foremost is the quality of service, professionalism and style.

Many also choose us for our savoir-faire, friendliness and above all hospitality. Welcoming a client is the first thing we need to learn and study over time as well as knowing the habits and tastes of each of them.

In this regard, we are pleased to announce the new and important partnership with Gorreana Switzerland.

Gorreana is the only producer in Europe of 100% natural tea and has just arrived in Switzerland.

Before talking about the enormous benefits in terms of product quality and the benefits derived from the use, which can be found among others in the official catalog Gorreana here, we would like to focus your attention, in the importance of offering “attentions” aimed at customer loyalty and the growth of your image.

Offer hospitality products and services as simple as a coffee or tea is normal, but offer high quality products and exclusive hospitality makes the difference between a hairdresser and your salon.

Explaining to the customer that you offer a 100% natural tea that you have searched for and found especially for your customers, makes the difference. The edited image of Gorreana products, the particularity of offering a product far from shopping and healthy, it helps to grow even more the quality of your living room.

As a partner, Gorreana Switzerland, offers all COdEZERO customers discounted prices despite the list price is already very interesting even comparing them to commercial products.

If interested you can contact our partner directly at the following email address:

2 thoughts on “Gorreana is a partner for our customers

  1. Opperud Marianne says:

    Guten Tag

    Ich bin eine Privatperson die sehr gerne wissen möchten wo ich Gorreana Tee kaufen kann.
    Ich habe vor 2 Tage abcproduits geschrieben aber habe bis jetzt keine Antwort bekommen.

    Bitte um eine schnelle Antwort.

    Vielen Dank und
    Freundliche Grüsse
    Marianne Opperud

    1. Guten Abend, wir haben Ihre Nachricht an ABCPRODUCTS weitergeleitet.

      Beste Grüße

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