Hair Care

How to color your hair

Hair dyes or colors can be classified according to duration, substantivity and resistance to washing, in temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. They can also be classified according to the mechanism of action in oxidative and non-oxidative or direct.

Direct means that the pigment is not formed with chemical reactions inside the hair but is already formed in the product that is applied.

The majority of permanent dyes are oxidative but for some time non-oxidative permanent dyes have also been developed.

For some formative and applicative characteristics, professional dyes can be distinguished from home dyes.

Hair dyes

To restore the natural color or to cover and modify it, dyes can be applied which can last several months depending on how much they penetrate and adhere to the hair.

The aesthetic question of coloring hair has ancient origins and traces of hair coloring in Egyptian mummies. The substances used, until a few years ago, were decidedly problematic and there are still many concerns about possible health risks in some way related to hair coloring.

  • In the USA where there are no specific restrictions on cosmetic ingredients, only 9 are prohibited, only dyes that can be used in cosmetics have to be approved in advance by the FDA.
  • In Japan these hair products are not normal cosmetics, but almost drugs, which require a specific ministerial approval.
  • In Europe a special annex of the regulation defines the substances that can be used for hair coloring and a special workgroup in about ten years has forbidden the use of hundreds of dyeing substances, even if authorized in other countries.

Our Vibrant color range offers a wide range of colors, ranging from natural colors to different tobacco shades, from vibrant deep red hues to radiant and shiny mahogany-copper and harmonious gold-beige.

Vibrant Color is enriched with plant extracts that protect and nourish the hair during coloring. Active components allow a long duration of color with vibrating results. Vibrant Color contains vitamins / liposomes that give volume and excellent condition to the hair. D-Pantenol / liposome is a form of vitamin B 5 which, with its protein content, strengthens and elasticises the hair. Radiant colors, complete coloring coverage, plant extracts and optimal care.


  • enriched with plant extracts
  • cereal proteins
  • protective effect on capillary fibers
  • long lasting colors
  • no irritation
  • full coverage of gray hair
  • minimum content of ammonia
  • aromas of fruit / green apple

Colors play an important role in the fashion concept of Code Zero. Our colors are based on communication, harmony and seduction. Important reason to color your hair is the desire to change and renew, an improved look, to give new life to hair color and cover gray hair. The colors of Code Zero provide an optimal intensity coupled with a gentle care for the hair. Code Zero guarantees reliable high quality colors that give vitality and splendor. Plant extracts protect hair during coloring and active components optimize the coloring result during coverage.

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